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Frequently Asked Questions

What's inside a Jetfloat unit?

Air. Jetfloats are blow molded from virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE). They are rigid structures without seams, glues or welded points and have a wall thickness of 5/16” (8mm). Their unique design offers incredible buoyancy, durability and impact resistance. Because of the unmatched wall strength and durability no foam is required.

What is the minimum recommended width for a Jetfloat platform?

For most applications we suggest a width of 3 units; 60” (1.5M). The greater the width, the greater the stability.

Will new Jetfloat units fit with my 25 year old Jetfloats?

Absolutely. Jetfloat’s unique design has remained unchanged from 1976 when the original modules were produced offering customers an open ended system. An existing Jetfloat platform can easily be added on to or modified to create a whole new application.

Does the Jetfloat product need to be removed in the winter?

We do recommend removal, however, for over 30 years we’ve had many customers tell us they leave their docks in if they are on a small body of water or in a sheltered area. By loosening the moorings, the Jetfloat modules will naturally sit up on the ice as it forms. If there is significant ice shifting during Spring break up removing the platform is recommended. Our 10 year warranty does not cover damage incurred by ice.. (click here for warranty info)

What colours of Jetfloats do you offer?

Our stock colours are light grey, maple and black. For recreational applications we recommend the cooler gray or maple options. For large scale commercial applications we can produce custom colour products.

How do you keep a Jetfloat platform in place?

The lightweight modular system requires 4-6” of water depth and can be fixed using traditional anchoring methods. A combination of chains, large bungees and marine anchors and/or pilings works in most situations. For shallower water 1,7/8” OD (outside diameter) posts can be inserted through the perimeter lugs/tabs of the Jetfloat units and driven into the lake bottom, which offers a simple yet effective solution. For additional information or special project anchoring methods, please contact us.

Can one person install a Jetfloat dock?

Yes. A Jetfloat system of any size and shape can be installed and removed by one person. No power tools or heavy equipment is required.

Why can't I find pricing on your website?

Since 1976 Jetfloat has worked with and been committed to our hard working dealers and distributors. Pricing will vary among dealers because of the various costs of shipping and storage. Our dealer network is global and we have always been committed to the people and companies that help distribute our products.

Are Jetfloats made from recycled material?

No. While the technology is getting better, we  have always made our products with high quality virgin HDPE resins. That is the main reason why our products are unmatched in quality and durability. Copies of our system tend to have  thinner walls and use inferior resins in order to maximize profits while delivering a lower quality product that “looks the same”. Jetfloats are fully recyclable and we are looking to a future where we can begin to use recycled material without compromising our quality, durability and longevity.

Can Jetfloats only be used for docks and rafts?

No way! Almost every year we get clients who use Jetfloat products for much more than just docking. Your imagination is the limit! 

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