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We're big fans of your product at the Harlem River Rowing Club in New York City. We all help take our dock out of the water every fall and reassemble it in the spring, and we're always impressed by how incredibly resilient the components are and how well everything fits together.

B. Peck, NYC Rowing Club

Last summer, I built a replacement crib dock at our island cottage. I had about 20 tonnes of rock delivered that I had to transport from the mainland. Using my existing Jetfloat dock I was able to create a barge to transport the rocks @ 2000 lbs. at a time, pushing the platform with my pontoon boat. Having the Jetfloat system meant that I had a manageable and diverse tool to get this project done. The alternative would have been a costly barge rental. This summer my plan is to convert it to a swim raft, sit back and relax!

Dave Wallace, Cottage Owner

I believe 100% in the Jetfloat products. They are strong and durable and easy to install. The fact that the floats and pins remain the same year after year means that you can add on to your dock or change the configuration at any time. I sold these products for many years until I retired in 2014 and all of my customers were extremely satisfied. They especially liked the fact that these products are made right here in Ontario. I continue to recommend these products to everyone I meet.

B. McCurrach, Jetfloat distributor

The Halifax Rowing Association Jetfloat dock has been in the water continuously since 1995. The dock supports crews on a daily basis and has had very little maintenance. 2004 was a tough year in FL. but our dock weathered Hurricanes Charlie, Francis and Jeanne. The chains around the end piling broke during Charlie but our dock held strong. Fixed docks in the area saw tremendous damage. The day after hurricane Charlie we sent out a Masters Four. Thank you Jetfloat!

T. Power, Halifax Rowing Association - Daytona Beach, FL.

After working with your products for many years and putting together over 600 Jetfloat units at two different sites, I have found them to be of the highest quality, very cost effective and extremely valuable to our fish culture projects.

M. Dean, Maryland Dept. of Natural Resources