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This is the company that created the name and the reputation for the best modular floating dock system on the market today.

Best described as large building blocks, Jetfloats can be put together in any shape or size by almost anyone. No special skills or expertise is required. Because of this, the end user can save on assembly and installation costs that are common in the docking market.
We will supply the building blocks for your imagination.

At Jetfloat the quality of product, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction have always set us apart from the competition.

If you have seen copies of our products, keep in mind that they are just that. Material selection and production processes are not always copied.

Jetfloats last… it’s been proven since 1976

Recent Projects

floating docks

View a recent video
of a 3 ton truck going
over a river in Malaysia.


floating docks

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Recent dock installation

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